Merry Christmas 2020 To Our MSB Family

image: Snowing at the MSB Homestead

I wonder how many of you might have a White Christmas this year? I took the photo above during October. We’ve had off and on snow since then. We’re supposed to have an uncharacteristic storm tonight Christmas Eve, through Christmas Day with the probability of 50+ mph wind gusts! Warm temps with forecast flooding rain… Snow melt here in the mountains will make for an interesting set of problems! With those winds, we might lose power. But the battery bank is charged and ready 🙂

In any event, in case my internet goes down from this storm, I wanted to get this message out today. That is, “Merry Christmas” to all of you. It’s hard to believe that this is the 11th time I’ve posted a Merry Christmas message here on the blog! Time sure does fly by.

Some of you are new passers-by on the blog while others have been around for quite some time. As with any community, there are ebbs and flows throughout time. I’ve posted more than 2,200 articles and you all have input about 110,000 comments. We have covered MANY topics here on the blog on various aspects of preparedness as well as addressing quite a number of current events. All of you have made it a great diversified community.

I have spent a lot of time here. I’ve come to know many of you, albeit an online community. There are many personalities. An impressive set of professions and careers. Lots of knowledge, skills, and know-how. And one thing’s for sure…there are a LOT of opinions!

Though we sometimes quarrel amongst ourselves, it’s simply a reflection of a diverse group of people making our way through life. On this Christmas Day however, we set aside the troubles in this world. The powers-that-be are not cancelling my Christmas!

So to all of you here at MSB,

Myself, Mrs.J, and Sampson wish you all a very Merry Christmas!

^^ my best friend (besides Mrs.J of course)

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