Ammo Shortage – It’s Gone – And I Mean Virtually Everywhere…

It is amazing. There’s a big ammo shortage out there right now. All the ammo is gone! Well, not “all”, but I might as well say all – just to make a point.

UPDATE: It’s now the end of 2020. I originally posted this during July. There’s no let up in site for this ammo shortage. Why? Demand. Why the demand? Apart from what I wrote below, now there’s even more uncertainty following the ‘Great Steal’ on November 3rd. Most all gun owners know what Harris/Biden are promising — >>they want your guns (which is what the Left ALWAYS wants).

>> Video Message from the president of Federal/Remington Ammunition

Ammunition Purchases Have Shattered Records

These many months have SHATTERED records for buying guns AND ammunition.

Do you remember the ammo shortage years ago when all of the .22LR disappeared from the shelves? And do you recall how long it took to get back to normal with just that one caliber?

Now think about our present day ammo shortage! Just about every caliber seems affected. They’re mostly all gone. Just for fun I searched several online ammo distributors and nearly every handgun caliber (for example) was gone. I searched on the most popular, 9mm, and it’s gone.

Like many of you, I enjoy target shooting from time to time. But nowadays, even though I’m well stocked with ammo, I hesitate to use it! Why? Because I can’t replace it! At least that’s what it seems.

Even if you have a thousand rounds of this and a thousand rounds of that (for example), it’s pretty easy to blow through a hundred rounds (and more!) during a session, right? Next thing you know – your stack is getting lower – while replacements are hard to come by…

Given the status of our probable bumpy future (putting it mildly), many of you are likely hesitating yourself with regards to using your ammunition to practice your skill, right? It really is quite remarkable what is happening…

UPDATE! It’s even worse now! Nationwide severe ammo shortages! Dealers are having extreme difficulty getting ammo deliveries!

American Citizens and Patriots KNOW INSTINCTIVELY that’s something’s coming…

Do you own a gun for self defense? I highly recommend that you read the following book. I’m glad that I did…

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Why the ammo shortage? Who is buying it?

Concerned Americans!

Who can blame them? We’re living through a time of madness, craziness, upheaval, revolution. Our destiny is uncertain at best. So people prepare for the worst. One’s security – perhaps defense of Country and Constitution- is of utmost importance, so people shore up their preps in this regard (guns and ammo). However the distribution systems can’t keep up. The ammo is gone. Guns too. To varying extents.

Message from Jason Vanderbrink (DEC-2020),

UPDATE: There have been MILLIONS of new gun purchases and new gun owners this year. Consequently, each of them require ammunition for their newly purchased guns. This in itself has put a strain on ammo manufacturers.

Here is a recent message from the President of Federal/Remington/CCI/Speer Ammunition:

I really don’t know how long it might take for ammo manufacturers to catch up, and resupply to the extent of being somewhat “back to normal”. Concerned Americans will continue to supply themselves with ammo as it becomes available. To what end?

I suppose it will keep happening until such time that those purchasing ammo feel “the threat” has diminished or over. Maybe that’s “if” Trump is victorious come November (UPDATE: You all know what happened…). Because the alternative outcome will surely continue to drain whatever is left of the supply chain for a very long time to come as the new Left Commie/Marxists will come for them. Heck, either way I don’t see this settling down for the foreseeable future.

UPDATE: As you know, “the steal” is underway. That’s now even more concern to prepare for…what may come.

Maybe these manufacturers can overcome this ammo shortage situation. But I’m not so sure about that…

Where can you find ammo today?

Okay, lets throw it out there to the MSB community. How bad are the ammo shortages near you? Are you finding much of anything out there? What about online (seems out-of-stock there too)?

Keep the community up-to-date with your comments below…

This is crazy!

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