About Us

Surviving a crisis is something that many of us will have been unfamiliar with until recently. However recently global events have meant that many more people around the world have begun to understand just how demanding a survival event can be.

What this has also shown is that whilst we go about our lives, living in our safe bubbles, we are kidding ourselves if we think life will always be this way. With global pandemics a major threat, terrorism, climate change and many other emergency events that could create a survival situation, it is making us realise that preparation is key.

We have compiled articles, news stories, tips and videos together to keep you up to date with the latest survival techniques, recommendations and updates on events that may impact our requirement to initiate survival mode.

Furthermore, we have included a store that will allow you to purchase all the equipment that you will need to get you through a crisis.

Prepping used to be something that was reserved for the over-cautious, but is now something that everyone needs to be undertaking, and our aim is to equip you with the information and goods that you need to weather any storm.