20% of Dems & Repubs Believe Violence is Justified if Their Side Loses

I’ve told you before, and I’m telling you again. And I will tell you later too. This November 2020 election is going to result in chaos. I am highly concerned about how this nation will hold itself together after that. I’m not kidding… We’re now less than 60 days out.

Lots of recent articles across media platforms are addressing the probability of election results chaos. The root of it (in my opinion) is Covid-19 and mail-in voting. This opens the door wide for fraud. There will be fraud. Especially in “swing” districts. No doubt in my mind that it’s underway right now to varying extents.

Here’s something for you… a Poll from nearly one year ago. It indicated that approximately “20 percent of both Democratic and Republican respondents believe violence is at least somewhat justified if their side loses the election.” (referenced here). Again, that was late 2019. Today?! It’s surely worse than that…

This particular election would be bad enough without Covid. But unfortunately (for the nation) we are in the perfect storm.

The Left is War Gaming

The Washington Post “War-gamed” the probable events of a Landslide Victory for Biden, a Marginal Victory by Biden, and a Lost Popular Vote but won Electoral College by Trump.

The thrust of their message to Joe 6 pack was unless Biden wins by a landslide, riots and chaos will erupt as Trump refuses to leave office and uses the military to quell the “insurrection”. They go into gory detail about how “Ruthless” and violent the Trump supporters will be in suppressing the write in votes as “Fraud”.

As this same exact message is blooming all over liberalville it’s called Predictive Programming to set Joe 6 pack up to “Accept” that the Democrats are the non-violent “Good Guys”. Programming Works folks.

Our Republic is in trouble, less than 60 days until full on Chaos arrives. Do you have your Chaos Kit ready to deal with the troubles?

~ NH Michael

The Left is messaging the scenario whereby Trump won’t step down while contesting the election. A process that is guaranteed to be a total drawn out mess. I (think?) there’s even a scenario where Pelosi herself could be acting president? OH MY!

Listen — the only way that this potential chaos might be (slightly) mitigated is by way of a massive undeniable Trump landslide win. Enough such that fraud itself won’t be enough to steal it. Still though — if Trump wins this way, the subsequent freak-out from the Left will be massive.

Like I’ve said before, either way we’re all in for major turbulence. So you’ve got less than 60 days to get your seat belts fastened, your tray tables in the upright and locked position, and bend over to kiss your a$$ good-bye… We’re headed towards a crash landing!

Wish I had better news – but hey – don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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