The Thin Blue Line — What Would Happen Without It?

American flag with thin blue line

Law enforcement. LE. Law enforcement officers. LEO’s. The thin blue line. The police.

Those words invoke vitriolic hatred among many today. The police have been under a tremendous attack campaign for years – seemingly beginning with the infamous Colin Kaepernick kneel during August of 2016.

Today it has all reached a ‘fever pitch’. To the extent that some cities / towns are pushing towards de-funding their police to varying extents. Some actually want to abolish the police.

I don’t claim to understand the outlook of those among the black communities who shout police brutality. However I do know that policing can be an immense challenge under trying conditions and situations. As in all professions, there is always some bad among the good. Some can’t handle it. Most can.

The anti-police movement has been largely embraced among young white “millennials” and especially today’s college-age “Gen Z”. They’ve additionally embraced the Black Lives Matter political movement as well as ANTIFA. They rage against the police as they riot across America.

They are now targeting, ambushing, and shooting the police dead. How often have I heard them chant, “What do we want?” “Dead Cops!” “When do we want it?” “Now!”

Well, they’re keeping their promise. The mob wants anarchy.

I don’t intend to argue the “why” (we’ve done that plenty already – and most of us know why). Rather, I would like to suggest what life would be like without the police. The thin blue line.

Life Without The Police

Are you kidding me? Do you police haters and bashers have any idea?

First of all, any and all cities and population-dense suburban regions would descend into immediate chaos! Duh! The criminal element would rob, loot, steal, rape, assault, and murder at will.

This would lead to fights for “gang” control of streets, neighborhoods, regions. “Warlords” would essentially take over. They will have their own “judicial systems”. And you probably won’t like that…

Resistance would arise from militias, patriots, or otherwise “normal” people who just want to be left alone – who want some resemblance of law-and-order.

Another thing that would happen would be similar to the mafia of old… whereby they would take over an area (enforced by violence) and those living there would have to pay for “protection” if they wanted it.

The bottom line is — when there’s a vacuum, a void… something will fill it. When the thin blue line disappears, other “enforcement” will fill in.

Too many young idiots believe that life on earth would become some sort of happy “utopia” without the police. They believe that the police are the problem. What a bunch of fools. How would they establish their own systems of justice? Are they that stupid not to realize human nature — and what would happen?

Many of us have law enforcement in our families. We understand the challenges. The difficulties dealing with the bad elements of society. We do not take it for granted. Personally, I back the blue.

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