Makes Me Think About Moving To Polk County Florida…

(except it’s too hot & humid in the summer!)

We need MORE law enforcement like Sheriff Grady of Polk County Florida who supports Law & Order and WE the PEOPLE with our inherent natural right to self defense!!

This sheriff actually encourages people to own guns. Of course that’s logical to you and I. However what a stark contrast between his view compared to the neutered hierarchy of law enforcement in the blue burning cities and towns around the nation!

These Marxist thugs need to be met with force if they bring force. That’s the only thing those punk BLM commies will understand. It’s a BREATH OF FRESH AIR to hear law enforcement encouraging (deadly) force if the mob threatens your life and property.

I am continually astounded as to the HUGE differences of mindset. Here we have the sheriff of Polk County Florida warning the mob to stay away… or else… On the other hand you’ve got the Marxists mainstream “useful idiots”, media, and corrupt DA’s who would rather lock YOU up for defending yourself than stop the rioting, burning, and destruction of the mobs.

That’s a 180 degree opposite outlook. There’s NO WAY that people with this much opposing view can “live together”.

Anyway, although this sheriff made those comments in June, hat tip to Stand My Ground for the heads-up. Just thought you could use some encouragement that there is law enforcement out there on YOUR side.

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