February 20, 2024

Active or Retired LEOs – What’s Your Take On The Anti-Police Movement?

How do LEOs feel about the anti police movement

Anti-Police Movement

Are you a Law Enforcement Officer? What’s your perspective and opinion on where we’re headed with this anti-police movement?

How can it be that here in the United States of America we have big city mayors (and state governors) clearly in support of a anti-police movement.

Washington (Seattle) and Oregon (Portland) being among the worst as rioting explodes there, coinciding with a neutered police force.

Spreading Fast

But it’s spreading. Fast. So far it’s seemingly concentrated in far-left cities (and states). All under the guise of “social injustice”. The anti-police movement (stunningly) seems to have wide support among many politicians, big corporations, Big-Tech, mainstream news and media, professional sports, and most of today’s youth – even into middle aged… It is metastasizing.

“Black Lives Matter”, an apparent political organization mostly funded by a man named George Soros, is largely behind the anti-police movement in my view. It’s spreading like wildfire across the nation as huge amounts of money are dumped into this assault.

How can law enforcement take the abuse? Especially in the affected city regions. It’s crazy.

Do these people not have any idea of the thin blue line between law-and-order — and chaos without rule of law?

Have they actually been convinced that all cops are bad cops? Don’t they realize that there are bad apples among every profession and all of humanity?

Was the George Floyd death really the straw that broke the camels back, or was this organized movement in the play book just waiting for a spark to set the fire?

Do the “social injustice” warriors really believe that eliminating the police will actually result in some sort of utopia for them?

Do they not understand how evil people will rise up and fill the void in a lawless society?

LEO’s, Let’s Hear Your Take…

There are lots of questions and suppositions. I could go on and on about it (which I have in many previous articles). However I’m curious to hear your perspective as an active or retired LEO.

I invite anyone to comment below. But if you’re a LEO, let us know that too, if you would.

What’s your take on all this? Where is it going?

How can you do your job when these people (and your leadership in some regions) are spitting on you (and worse)?

How do you feel about the police officers seen kneeling with Black Lives Matter? What’s that all about?

Are you beginning to feel like more civilians are against you than for you?

I’ve asked a lot of questions. I’ll stop here. Lets hear from you…

Oh, one more thing… without the police…
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