Is A Mass Casualty False Flag Event Coming Next?

We are living through a pivotal time in American history. A Takeover attempt.

First, let me insert a note:

Some of you regulars are likely getting upset that I’ve frequently written on current political events of late, rather than other topics of general preparedness. Why is that?

It has become crystal clear. We are right in the middle of a coordinated Takeover for power. And we have been for many years. What’s different now? “They” are “all in”. Right now. 2020.

If we lose to those who are attempting this Takeover, America will be lost forever. It will transform into something very different from what you perceive today, or have perceived in the past. At least that’s my opinion.

The Lead Up To The Next Big Event…

They were sure that the deal would be sealed NOV-2016. After 8 years of Obama sewing the seeds, watering and fertilizing… and decades of multi-pronged indoctrination, the HildaBeast would have completely enabled an extreme-left ChicomMarxiGlobalistTakeover – forever changing our nation.

Instead, they were stunned. A rag tag bunch of Deplorables came out in numbers to vote for a charismatic orange man who seemed to stand for American independence. From that day forward, a daily thrashing ensued. Attacks from all their guns. Amazingly, the orange man fought back. A highly unexpected move from the CMG’s.

Every day since, we have witnessed an unbelievably relentless onslaught. Everything they tried has failed. However the orange man has been bloodied and bruised. They smell blood in the water. They have pulled all the stops, so to speak. They’re all in. Right now. 2020. Must. Crush. Orange Man (and anyone not in lock step with the CMG’s.

I have never lived through such troubled times. I’ve never seen such coordinated effort to take out the political opposition. I feel it in my bones. This is big.

Mass Casualty Event – Is It Next?

So I finally get to the question of the day. Is a mass casualty false flag event coming next?

Why do I ask that question? Because they are all in for maximum disruption. Chaos. Just look what has happened so far this year, which is barely half over.

  • The economy is in ruins (the real effects soon to be felt).
  • More people out of work than the Great Depression.
  • Opportunistic multi-month lock-downs of the American people have successfully destroyed the middle class, their businesses, and have taken away their bread-and-circuses.
  • The biggest wealth transfer in human history from the middle class to the extremely wealthy.
  • An opportunistic and pre-planned coordinated multi-frontal attack on the Police and lawn-and-order.
  • The highly energized attempts to incite a race war (ongoing).
  • A stunningly coordinated mainstream media inflaming every and all battles against the orange man and his supporters, at any and all costs.
  • 50% (or more) of the population apparently ready and willing to fall in line with the CMG’s and the “new life” that awaits them in Utopia.
  • 50% (or less) of the population increasingly agitated and upset about what has been happening, many of whom are beginning to see what’s going on behind the curtain.

What’s next? So much damage has been inflicted to date. It’s perfect timing to launch a nuke, so to speak. An enemy of war doesn’t let up while they think they’re winning. Instead, they double-down with crushing blows to ensure a win.

I worry about what they’ve planned next. Do you?

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