Are You Ashamed To Be White?

I just had to share this with you. Something I read online. It’s from someone I happen to be acquainted with in our tiny little town. Though I pretty much knew this person is of the left persuasion (which had no affect on our acquaintance), it really surprised me to read her statement.

Here is the pertinent portion of what she said:

“I’ve never considered myself to be racist but in the past couple weeks I’m ashamed to be white. It’s time. To take a stand – a stand for anti-racism. It is heart breaking to realize how clueless I’ve been about my white privilege.”

~ said a person

I honestly have difficulty wrapping my head around the mindset of someone saying that.

That sentiment is the essence of the BLM guilt that is being put upon “white” people. And it’s working.

This person went on to say that she does not want to be friends with anyone who doesn’t agree with this notion. Although I wouldn’t say that she and I are “friends”, I’ve had no issue with our acquaintance and occasional interactions in town.

It is somewhat stunning to observe how so many people are viscerally aligning themselves. And they’re doing it to an extent which clearly alienates themselves from any middle ground. This recent Floyd death and BLM movement is really deepening the divide while using the color of one’s skin as the dividing line. Thusly, if you’re “white”, you should be ashamed of yourself.

Though this person (as far as I know) has no clue that I run this website, I would like to respond to the statement in general. Because we hear this kind of talk all the time these days… White leftists all across the nation are ashamed of themselves. But not me. And here’s why…

Racism and White Privilege

First, what is racism? Let me quote Martin Luther King…

“I look to a day when people will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.”

My skin color happens to be “white”. I was born that way. I had no choice in the matter and feel no guilt in that regard.

And by the way… Whatever my ancestors did or didn’t do, has nothing at all to do with me and who I am. Are you with me so far?

Racism, in my opinion, is when skin color is used or deterministic. BLM (and the guilt of the person ashamed to be “white”) is racist. Why? Because it’s about the color of one’s skin.

My normal behavior of establishing opinion of another person is as MLK says. The content of their character. Their actions. Their words. Deeds. I could care less if you’re black, brown, or white. It’s the other stuff that matters.

Tying in with the Floyd death, that incident was about two people and what happened between them. It was about the act itself. If that cop put his knee on the neck of a “white” person, this would not be in the news at all. Instead, the incident is used to flame up more racial division.

What about “white privilege”?

We hear it all the time. But what are they talking about?

Well, it’s the notion that “white” people have more rights than “black” people. And/or an unfair advantage for this or that. Therefore if you’re “white” you should feel guilty about it. Why? Because you’re “white”. By the way, that’s racism (being guilted because you happen to be “white”).

Do or did I have an advantage in life because I happened to be born “white”? Maybe. But that’s just how the universe worked out for me. I was born to a white middle class family.

Along the same notion of “white privilege”, am I jealous of other whites who were born to a wealthy family? Do those white people have an advantage over me and therefore should be ashamed of themselves? See where I’m going with this?

It doesn’t matter one little bit to me. It’s about what I do with my life that matters. I feel no guilt or shame in who I am as a person. I just so happened to be “white”. So don’t put your guilt trip on me.

Why am I bringing this to your attention today?

A few reasons. One, it exposes the white guilt in so much of “left” America. Two, it exposes how well the messaging is working. Three, it’s everywhere. Even in your neck of the woods.

As the battle lines are being drawn in this simmering civil war, there are no clear lines in the traditional sense. Rather it’s between individuals all across the land who hold very opposing views of the world. Race and racism is just one of several deep divisions that have been put upon us (a classic tactic of the left).

Sure there are pockets of deep Blue and Red. But there’s lots of geographical mixing going on too. That makes Purple. But when you zoom in closer, it ultimately comes down to the individual. Who’s who. That’s where the lines are drawn. The content of one’s character.

Are you ashamed to be white?

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