What An Ideal Life Would Look Like

A commenter (Silverback68) recently posted,

“I was thinking today about what my ideal life would look like compared to what my actual life is like, and what I’m actually doing to reach my ideal place in my life. Any comments?”

What an excellent question to contemplate!

It’s something to definitely think about from time to time. Maybe it will help to re-align one’s purpose, ambitions, goals. To simply think about what an “ideal” life looks like – which is obviously different for every individual.

An “ideal life” probably looks quite different from when we were young, to middle aged, and beyond. I know it has shifted for me as I have lived my way through life…

We are most certainly “conditioned” and influenced to live certain ways. Lots of externals go into shaping an individual into who they are or who they end up being. Parents. Daycare. Family. Friends. Schools. Television. Social Media. News. Mainstream. Careers. Government. On and on…

What I like most about the question above… It inspires one to think about it. I sincerely believe that many or most people don’t think about it! Instead, they’re steered through life by external influences that they don’t even realize are influencing them. A leaf blowing in the wind.

We are all affected by this. And that’s why it is such a good idea to force one’s-self to evaluate where they are, and where their “ideal place” might be.

Do you know why? Because you won’t get there unless you figure it out first! Then it requires ACTION. Sounds simple, but it’s not really…

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