Have They Just Found A Cure For COVID 19 Coronavirus?

Chloroquine is a medication used to prevent and to treat malaria. It might also cure covid coronavirus.
( Chloroquine )


3 International Studies Find Chloroquine with Azithromycin Shows 100% Success Rate in Treating Coronavirus in 6 Days.

Malaria drug Chloroquine kills Coronavirus in 100% of patients in clinical trials in 1-6 days. Some as soon as 3 days.

This is NOT 100% certain Coronavirus cure. However I wanted to make you aware of this developing news:

This drug combination (which is apparently generic and available today as we speak), would save LOTS of lives. That’s the good news (if further testing proves out).

I also would like to suggest that “if” this becomes the miracle cure, COVID-19 Coronavirus is already out there. This won’t change that at all.

The system is, and will still be breaking down all around us. So don’t let your guard down.

It is still just as contagious. This will not change the fact that it is going hyperbolic. People will still get sick. JIT and other systems will still break down. They’re crashing all around us right now.

Businesses are closing. The economics of the mess. The shortages of food and supplies (which will continue to get worse).

Continue to finalize your last preps. Close the gate when it’s time…

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