Zelter Shelter Review

Zelter Shelter Review

I have been using hammocks for a couple of years and I have a really great setup which suits me just fine however, I have found myself in situations where my hammock is not quite suitable and figured it was time to look for an alternative for when the occasion arises.

I was invited on a trip to the Brecon Beacons, to an area that I had not visited before, and after looking at some maps I decided my regular setup would not be adequate. It was more exposed and I wasn’t sure we would be camping close to a couple of conveniently placed trees so, with little time to spare before we embarked on the trip, I started searching online for an alternative arrangement.

There are lots of options available, such as tarp, tent or bivi and in looking for such products I found the Zelter Shelter and it immediately peaked my interest. Here is a piece of equipment that I can wear as a poncho while out and about then once I find a suitable camp I can whip it off and erect it into a GREAT shelter.

So I got in touch with the founder/designer of the Zelter Shelter and a day or two later I was holding one of these great bits of kit.

So whats in the kit ?

The Zelter Shelter Dry Bag contains all the other kit components and feels very high quality. I decided to carry out a five minute submersion test (it is a dry bag after all) to see how well it would cope and am happy to say it passed with flying colours without letting in a single drop of water.

The dry bag also has detailed set up instructions for its use as a poncho and a shelter.

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Set up instructions on the drybag

Other than that it just contains the Zelter Shelter poncho device and some pegs to secure it to the ground when you have it set up as a shelter. Obviously after a night of heavy rain you may not really want to put it on so the drybag is a very good storage device and it’s good that it just comes with the shelter, not as an additional accessory.

Whats it like to wear ?

We left for the Becons early on a Tuesday morning and I have to admit I was not looking forward to getting out of the car. It was cold and as wet as ever but, after manning up and chucking the Zelter Shelter in poncho form on, I soon got into the swing of things and looked forward to getting somewhere nice for a good cuppa.

I found the Zelter (in poncho form) to keep me dry (in the places it covered) and also great at keeping the heat in. It breathe ‘s well so after a few hours of yomping around the Becons it was not full of condensation and I was not sweating buckets.

How To Set It Up

After a few hours in the dry the weather was starting to come back in so it was decided that we should set up camp.

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The setup of the shelter is fairly easy and after one or two practice runs you will be able to do it with your eyes closed (practically what you need to do in Brecon because there is no light when the sky is cloudy).

It has an inflatable frame that is quite sturdy once you fill it up and it kept it shape in the adverse weather conditions. If you find it a little less rigid when you are in you can always add more air without getting back up.

Zelter Shelter provide detailed setup videos on YouTube showing its uses as a tarp/tent and poncho.

Whats it like to sleep in ?

Once we had eaten it was time to get in the shelter for the night. I was a little worried once it was set up as I am six foot 5 and it didn’t look long enough for me but, I soon found I fit great and there is even a little recess/pocket thing for your feet at the end of the shelter to give yourself a little more freedom..

My Bug out bag fit quite nicely into the top of the shelter with my head and did not hamper closing it.

It was blowing the occasional gale but the shelter remained rigid throughout the night and when I woke in the morning it was not covered in condensation which was a relief.

Packing it up was also a breeze and just required me letting the air out and doing up the poppers again then it was ready to put on again. Thankfully the rain had stopped by morning ad it wasn’t soaking wet.

Do I recommend it ?

If you are looking for a shelter that you can set up quickly and also have the ability to use it as a poncho while you are out and about then this is a great addition to your kit . I mean if you are specifically looking for such a device then you are a madman because you wont find the market abundant with this sort of device but that’s whats great about it. Its unique and well designed by a man that saw a gap in the market and has filled it perfectly. Its very functional and quite affordable, so do yourself a favour and give it a try.

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zelter shelter review

Here are all of the specifics of the Zelter Shelter:

Product Description

  • Inflatable, freestanding single tent – No need for poles or ropes.
  • Waterproof, breathable, rolls into a small bundle.
  • You can quickly wear it as a waterproof poncho
  • Works as a tarp for your hammock, lean-to, basha, or bivvy
  • Tie-down loops and grommets on every corner
  • Includes pegs and a drybag for storage

Product Features

  • 10K Waterproof
  • Light Weight
  • Inflatable
  • RET12 Breathable
  • Properly Built
  • Perfect for outdoors

Where can you buy Zelter Shelter

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Zelter Shelter Review


A great bit of kit with a truly excellent build quality that has multiple uses.

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