February 19, 2024

POLL: Will Trump Win Second Term and be President on January 21?

image: Trump sworn in on January 20?

The image above, if it were to be photographed on January 20, 2021, would be one of absolute horror for the CCP, their puppet “China Joe”, the Globalist Elites, the WEF, the Deep State, the new Democrat Communist Party, and millions of indoctrinated Marxist Commies all over the U.S.

Will Trump Get A 2nd Term?

A straight yes or no answer. In your opinion, will Trump be sworn in as president on inauguration day JAN-20?

As of today, there are several remaining roads to victory for Trump. Though it seems increasingly unlikely for many of us. It looks like the fireworks, so to speak, will be on January 6th, unless something happens before then (which might).

Some of you have been closely following the particulars and potential paths to victory ever since “the great steal” on November 3rd. It may be easy to give up hope at this juncture. But should you?

We know that there is a great battle unfolding behind the scenes. Some of it has spilled out in plain view. The question is, will Trump pull it off? Is he playing “5D chess”?

I recently received a sort of disgruntled email from a reader. I believe it was triggered as a result of my doubts regarding Pence on January 6th:

[ The Battle For The Republic Will Likely Go Kinetic After JAN-6 ]

The reader is convinced that Trump will be president, and is not happy with my negativity about all this. Would rather I write “a POSITIVE article! Concentrate on the BEST case scenario (instead of the worst!)”

I do admire the positive attitude:

You assume Pence is weak. You have not read the Art of War by Sun Tzu. [Ken adds: Actually I have a copy ] This is a tact straight out of that playbook that China has been employing against us. “Appear weak to your enemy; then show up where least expected”

Pence may appear weak, however he knows what is at stake, and he will hold the course. Trump is a champ at 5 layer chess, and he sees how outcomes come around long before his opponents have even a clue. Pence, no doubt, realizes how gifted his working partner is, and he is not going to allow the fall of the country to happen.

There are several options available, even at this late date, that can occur to secure Trump’s victory. So please stop with the negativity- everyone knows what is at stake.

We will succeed in rooting out the communism, the traitors, and those that have been instrumental in their attempt at destroying our Republic. Have enough faith to know we will rise and shine. We are the world’s hope-and that is critical. That is what motivates so many.

We WILL be Fine!

So again, I ask you the reader…

Another horrific site for the cabal, should it occur 2021:

[ Must Watch Video: The Plot To Steal America ]

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