February 20, 2024

Your TRUE ENEMIES Are Not Your Fellow Americans

Looking for the true enemies of America?

The following are words excerpted from a video below, as well as my thoughts:

Your TRUE ENEMIES are not your fellow Americans. The one’s who are your true enemies want you to hate each other, and to kill each other — while they’re taking away your constitutional rights, your freedoms, and your country. Your heritage, your way of life, and the future of your children.

The real and extremely dangerous enemies of the American people are the one’s “pulling the ropes”. They are the main cancer that’s killing America. You know who they are. They include elected officials in federal government, state government, and the court system — those who have made it clear by their words and actions. Many are clearly identified as they no longer hide their anti-American stance.

These individuals are among your Representatives, Governors, Mayors, Judges. Those that are pushing through the agenda that has got us here to this point.

They won’t stop. Unless you stop them.

How We Must Act

Stop caring whether you’ve been called a “racist”. A “white supremacist”. Or whatever name they have for you.

Stop caring whether you offend anyone. The number of people who are offended by you exercising your 1st Amendment rights is directly proportional to how successful you are at it.

Stop attempting to have affect, or logic based conversation. Stop explaining yourself — it’s useless. You are wasting your precious time and energy. They have a play book. And changing their minds is not part of it.

Exercise your 2nd Amendment rights. This means study carefully the gun laws in your state. Next, arm yourself. If you’ve never carried a gun before, it’s important to get some basic training to protect yourself, your family, and your property.

Exercise your 1st Amendment rights. Of course it is very important to vote in November. But I’m afraid it will not be enough. The election may be stolen. You must act now. Speak out. Assemble. Peacefully protest. Let them know. LOUDLY and in great numbers.

Freedom loving Americans have a constitutional obligation to protect this nation if you want to keep it that way. To fight against any form of tyrannical government which infringes upon your constitutional rights. Never forget why you celebrate Independence Day.

Don’t be afraid that you will be attacked for exercising your 1st Amendment rights. You certainly will be. If that happens, defend yourself.

Trump is on the side of Liberty

If President Trump was not on our side, the side of liberty, they wouldn’t try this hard to sabotage him every way possible. To make a nightmare out of his life and presidency. And to remove him from office. He’s in their way of getting what they want. He cannot fight this battle alone. That’s why we must stand united against tyranny. Against socialism, Marxism, communism.

Right now, Trump is the gatekeeper of the free world. This means if we lose America, we will lose the world as well.

The future of the whole free world is in our hands. Right now.

This Yugoslavian Woman Issues A Warning She Wants All Americans To Hear:

More thoughts:

The useful idiots are in full throat, being unknowingly led by those pulling the ropes. There really is no hope for them. They have been turned to the dark side.

While unfortunately we definitely have fellow Americans who are enemies, terrorist organizations (BLM / ANTIFA), Marxists — the thing is… the TRUE ENEMIES are those pulling the ropes. These are the people who need to be removed. Put away for treason against America.

How? We start at the ballot box in November.

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