Free Secure Encrypted Private Email


Don’t let Big Tech track you and read all of your emails. Because they do.

Examples include gmail, yahoo, and others…

I am getting nothing for providing this information (no financial affiliation or commission). However during these times of surveillance, I am recommending the following company for your private email needs.


I’ve been using them for awhile. My blog contact info is through protonmail.

Though I am paying an annual fee (for more services – plus I want to support them), they have FREE email for anyone.

They are based in Switzerland and have the utmost privacy and security. Email goes through their servers and it’s all encrypted.

I’m simply putting it out there as a recommendation for those interested. Why? Because as we progress into increasing turmoil here in the U.S., some of you may wish to communicate without Big Tech or Big Brother listening (because they do).

This has been a public service announcement brought to you by Modern Survival Blog.

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