Will the Coronavirus Make Regular People More Prepper Minded?

If there’s one thing that’s bothering me the absolute most about this pandemic, it’s the uncertainty. The fact that we don’t and can’t know when this will all blow over leaves me a little on edge.

And yes, I know that Thomas & I will likely be fine no matter how long it takes – due to our preps, our good health, our age, and the fact that we live in a country that’s dealt, quite frankly, incredibly responsibly about this.

Still, it gnaws at me that there’s no way to calculate how long into the future this emergency will continue – how much damage to the world economy might result, how many deaths, and how much financial damage will have been done globally as a result of this one simple virus.

Since there’s absolutely nothing I can do to quell my anxiety over these things, I’ve done my best from the very start to look for silver linings. One that I think might actually take place (yes, I said might because you never know) – I think the everyday person might become just a touch more prepper-minded.

You can tell me if you feel otherwise – if those around your areas have reacted differently. If those you know personally seem to still think prepping is for crazy people and stockpiling food, medicine, household supplies, and everything else you have at home to make transitions in and out of emergency situations easier on yourself and your family is bonkers.

I’m starting to feel even the most skeptical people in my circle, however, are beginning to come around.

And I’m not saying they’ve truly done a 180. I think a lot of people who were buying just enough food and supplies to last them the day are starting to see the benefit of buying about a week’s worth of supplies. Those used to keeping a week’s worth at hand are seeing the benefit of having a month’s.

Basically, wherever on the spectrum they were before on stockpiling and having enough for an emergency at home, I feel the peg’s moved over at least one or two spaces.

Again, let me know what people seem to be doing in your circle, and if you see mirroring cases of what I’ve seen in your own life and friend, family, co-workers, and acquaintance groups.

Does this mean that this attitude will stick past the end of this particular emergency? Maybe not. But I have a feeling the Coronavirus has caused enough damage thus far, and will continue to wreak havoc in lives in quite an extreme way.

I don’t think people will forget having lived through this one, and I think this pandemic should definitely be extreme enough for people to have their behaviour permanently changed, at least a little bit, by it. You can let me know if you agree here.

Does this mean these people who have actually changed their behaviour and maybe prep a teeny bit more than they used to will be ready if there’s another emergency? Absolutely not. That’s not what I’m implying here. And I do think having a year or two on hand in terms of supplies will continue to look crazy to people. Maybe a month’s worth of supplies will become the new “acceptable” norm, however.

I do think this emergency will result in a lot more people coming around, identifying as preppers, and half- or wholeheartedly getting into the idea of being prepared for the next emergency.

And yes, I do think the average everyday person will become more prepared than they were. Again – it won’t be enough, but it will be something – at least in my opinion.

Let me know what you think.

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