People Are Going To LOSE IT When Times Get Tough For Real

People were “losing it” during “good times”. But what’s going to happen as the world proceeds further into COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic?

How often have you seen others around you “losing their minds” over seemingly trivial things?

Now we’re facing COVID-19 social distancing, isolation (orders?), business shut-downs, and we’re just getting started on the ramp up to hyperbolic…

Anxiety is high, and getting higher. Tensions are growing as more people in America are under “stay at home” “orders”. Are people going to snap?

Now imagine what will happen if and when times get “really” tough (for real)…

I mean, when this virus is putting out crushing numbers that are further up the exponential scale of cases and deaths… even more so than today — say, lots more…

When the people can’t get the foods, the comforts, the entertainment distractions that they are used to?

When they are forced to begin taking matters into their own hands? The threshold of time at which they realize .gov cannot supply all of their needs?

People are going to “lose it”.

Personal & Home Security

I try to plan for the worst. I suggest that you do as well.

It’s going to be much, much worse in the cities and urban areas. Population density logically creates more problems. If you live there, you are at the highest risk.

Suburbia. You are not immune from the problems of security.

Rural. You too face risk. You are further out from population density. However that doesn’t mean that your neighbors are prepared. And that doesn’t mean others won’t show up at your door looking to “ride it out”.

The time to consider your home security is NOW

Listen. If COVID-19 Coronavirus and all its ramifications turn out to be a nothing-burger, you will have lost nothing by considering and preparing for your own security.

With that said, it’s RIDICULOUS to believe that this is a nothing-burger. In my view, we’re at the beginning of a major change in life as we knew it — in a number of areas / ways. Hey, maybe I’m wrong. And I’ll admit it, if and when it’s apparent. I’m not proud, so it doesn’t bother me none… However my gut tells me otherwise.

I will be writing a series of articles in the near future in this regard (one’s security) as it relates to this current event. This short article is a teaser to get you thinking about this important aspect of your probable future…

In the mean time, you can search this blog for articles on Personal & Home Security

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