Social Distancing | How Many Will Go Nuts, Needing Social Interaction

Coronavirus social distancing and self isolation

We the people are all alone right now (or will be, soon). Social distancing. Isolation. Thanks to COVID-19 Coronavirus.

People Aren’t Used To Being At Home

Our modern way of life. It’s busy. Active. On-the-go. Work. Travel. Lots of errands to run. Things to do.

The lifestyle has us away from home quite a bit. But what happens when everyone is suddenly at home, ALL THE TIME? That’s going to be interesting…

Personally I will have no problem with it. It’s just me, Mrs.J, and the dog. I work online anyway, so I’m already ‘at work’. We are supplied well enough to stay at home if we choose – for quite a long time.

However, we’re not normal – in that most people don’t live the life that we do. So what about them? Are they going to be able to stay at home if they have to? And for how long until they “go nuts”?

Here’s a thought: Think about the millions who live in urban / cities. Lots, if not most of them “eat out”, a lot. Minimal food prep at home. Restaurants are closed. Now they have to cook, prepare food at home — assuming they have food to do it. That’ll be fun… (sarc)

Personality Types

There are all sorts of personality types. Some people will have little or no problem hunkering down, social distancing. But others will — have problems.

Social Butterflies

I know people whom I am certain will have difficulty. They “need” social interaction, beyond that of just online social media. Social butterflies, so to speak.


I also know people who might be described as “shepherd’s”. They think of themselves as flock leaders. They have a “need” to interact with the flock.


Similar to the shepherd, I know the “controller” type. Their motivations are different though. They’re more or less, power hungry. They have their own groups that they directly or indirectly control. A “need” for interaction.


An enterprising person. Enjoys staying busy. A strong drive to accomplish things. Often this involves helping others (I know a few charitable types who are driven to interact in this way).


Good luck with that. The good thing is today’s electronic / video-game world. That’ll keep ’em busy for awhile. But, kids get “bored”!


Even more luck with that! For the most part they really “need” to interact with their personal support groups. Plus, teenagers don’t like to be home (except in their own cocoon – their room).

How Long Will Self Isolation Last?

We really don’t know yet. This Coronavirus situation is in the beginning stages here in the United States as of this writing. The data is still muddy. Though we do know it’s very contagious.

The only way to work on flattening the hyperbolic contagion curve is to self isolate / social distancing. Only draconian measures will stop it. However we cannot “magically” get everyone to comply, and for long enough. So the best we can hope for is to lessen the steepness of the hyperbolic curve.

Social distancing and isolation “orders” are increasing. Today, it is “advised”. However it is becoming (supposedly) mandatory in regions. I’m not here to argue the Constitution in this regard (maybe another article). Though I believe we will face more so called “mandatory” quarantines and restrictions as we move forward.

What’s your opinion? Are people going to have trouble with social distancing / isolation?

In what areas?

Good thing for TV and the internet, right?

Imagine families being forced to live together instead of going their own ways every day? Yikes…

The reason why I wrote this. It is my opinion that social distancing and self isolation is going to be much, much longer than 2 weeks. I have a feeling that most of the general public may be looking at this as several weeks. But as this gets worse (and it will), the realization will set in. This could be a long haul. And how are people going to adapt (or not) to social distancing, self isolation…

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