Nordic Pocket Saw Review

The Nordic Pocket Saw review is definitely not going to take long to review. It’s not a revolutionary product that’s only just come out on the market and it does have a higher price tag than most on Amazon. So really, the only question is, does it cut? Yes. Review done, see you guys later, here’s some photo’s.

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Obviously I’m being facetious and there’s definitely more to discuss so, lets get to it.

The price does seem high on first glance but I promise it’s not. Just as a precursor there is good reason better steel comes with a higher price tag as most of you will know and, given the quality, this price is very reasonable and I wouldn’t even consider looking at a cheaper version. This is a good price for the product and in no way can I compare this to its lesser facsimiles.

It comes in a nice thick nylon pouch to protect your kit and flesh while it’s packed away. It has a belt loop and uses velcro to fasten shut although I would prefer a molle system and button fastening. One thing I can do if I get bored is make a nice leather pouch to keep it in which, if that’s more your style, is an option with the ‘Nordic Pocket Saw – Premium’. Leather pouch with button fastening. Perfect. It also comes with leather handles, so it’s just an all round upgrade.

The handles on the standard pocket saw are made of nylon. This one has green handles although orange and red are available and for some reason red costs £10 less on the Nordic website although they are all the same price on Amazon. They do their job, they are lightweight and strong. Secured with good stitching so they wont be coming apart for many years if you keep it safe in its pouch. Probably last a lifetime really. Not the most comfortable with extended use on bare hands but in gloved hands it is no problem at all.

The blade is very much in the style of a chainsaw. Its not a mould breaking in its design but, as with all types of blade from knife to guillotine, the important thing is the quality of the steel. This really is where your money goes and, to be perfectly frank, that’s very much a good thing. I always like a good cheap blade but good steel is definitely an advantage. My family had a construction business for about 40 years and after years of experience working with high quality tools I can tell you without a doubt that when doing heavy duty work, and I believe that’s what a saw is for, you want to spend the money. I have used a few different pocket saws and never thought them worth carrying or even worth a review. It seemed like they were a novelty and did not really warrant carrying over a hatchet but this one is different. The blade is very strong and durable. Its thinner than a normal chainsaw blade if that’s something you were concerned with. This means it doesn’t ‘bite’ as hard which would cause you to get caught up during cutting by hand. Its about the right size for a good strong cutting motion providing you don’t pull to hard and if you can get a second person on the other side you really make short work of some thick logs.

Just for the sake of it I tried it on some treated timber I have laying around and it cuts pretty well on that also, which is great for cutting in confined spaces and once you round the corners out really gets going with ease. I cut a few branches of various sizes and a couple of logs and standing wood. I cant honestly say I found anything to be of even slight concern. It didn’t once lock up. I didn’t find any discomfort during normal use (obviously after cutting far more than I ever would in real life for the purpose of the review my hands did get still but that is expected). I barely put any force into cutting and yet it just chewed though wood like it was made of plasticine.

I pre-write a lot of my reviews before testing to get as much down while it’s new and exciting. It just makes articles flow better for me and gets them written up much faster. This was no exception to pre-writing although I did notice a significant change in my after opinions as opposed to my pre-conceptions. First, I put that it could lock up if you pulled too hard (this still may be true but actually never happened for me). Second, I put that I wouldn’t take it over my hatchet (because SGT Prepper hit things hard with laughing). I will actually take this over my hatchet any day of the week on any journey. It was so quick and effortless to cut through thick logs I would never even go at with a hatchet. It really just made the task so easy and considering its genuine pocket size I really couldn’t imagine it could so so much so well.

As mentioned its great quality steel with plenty of years of life if you keep it in good condition. Just treat it regularly with oil to stop it rusting and make sure you store it somewhere dry throughout the winter months and you will have decades of use or even a lifetime. This was so good that the other one (Gav) ended up buying one as well. Genuinely doesn’t happen often that we will have the same kit. We like to get different items or even different brands just because it’s good for a new review but when you come across a perfectly designed item, such as this, no other alternative is worth looking at.

Overall a great product and well worth the money. I couldn’t imagine carrying a pocket saw before today and now cant imagine not having it on some of my exploits in the world. Thank you Nordic and well done. Well done.

Nordic Pocket Saw Review


Better steel comes with a higher price tag as most of you will know and, given the quality, this price is very reasonable and I wouldn’t even consider looking at a cheaper version. This is a good price for the product and in no way can I compare this to its lesser facsimiles.

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