Free Flashlight ūüĒ¶ Olight Flash Sale

Free Flashlight ūüĒ¶ Olight Flash Sale

Sale details are below

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First Part: August Sale Details

A. Time:
August sale date: 8:00 PM¬†August¬†30th¬†–¬†11:59¬†PM¬†August 31st EDT,
   VIP Early Access: VIP starts at 8:00 PM August 26th EDT.

B. Free Gift:

Free I3E Orange for all logged-in customers  (Value $11.95)

C. Main promoting products are as below:

1. Baldr Pro
Baldr Pro Matte Black(Regular Edition),30% OFF, $104.97(MAP: $149.95);
Bundle Baton 3 Premium Edition White,40% OFF, $155.94(MAP: $259.90), Bundle Obulb MC White, 40% OFF, $107.94(MAP: $179.90)
Baldr Pro Midnight Blue(Limit 2,021 worldwide),30% OFF, $111.97(MAP: $159.95);
Bundle S2R II White, 40% OFF, $140.94(MAP: $234.90), Bundle Obulb MC Black, 40% OFF, $113.94(MAP: $189.90)

2. Obulb MC (with Free Silicon Sling)
Obulb MC Black/White/Brick Red, 20% OFF, $23.96 (MAP: $29.95);
Omino White + Obulb MC Black + Obulb MC White + Obulb MC Brick Red + S2R II White, 40% OFF, $126.45(MAP: $210.75)

3. Mega Pack
1) S2R II White+Warrior X Pro White+Obulb MC White+Baton 3 Premium Edition White+Omino White, 40% OFF, $234.45 (MAP: $390.75)
    2) Warrior X Pro White+Obulb MC Black+OPen Pro Purple+Olantern Mini Basalt Grey+Baton 3 Premium Edition White+Perun Mini Kit Golden Yellow, 40% OFF, $284.82 (MAP: $474.70)

D.Tier Gift

1) Over $129 get a FREE  i3T Orange (MAP: $21.95) 
2) Over $229 get a FREE S1R II Pixel Blue(Limit 3,000 worldwide) (MAP: $69.95)
3) Over $359 get a FREE  M2R Pro Black (MAP: $109.95)

Second Part: Features of New Products

Baldr Pro
1. Simple mode switch to select White Light, Light and laser, or laser only.
2. Incredible 1,350 lumens and 260-meter beam distance.
3. Compatible with both Glock and Picatinny rail,perfect for your pistol and rifle
4. Quick attach/release the light in a second.
5. Matte Black and limited edition Midnight Blue for your choice.
Obulb MC
1. 8 modes to play with. White, red, green, blue, color fantasy, and more to explore….
2. The lucky wonder will appear randomly if you click it constantly for over 20 times,
3. Magnetic bottom, with included adhesive metal badge,making it possible to attach to any flat surface
4. Lightweight and compact, Suitable for multiple scenarios:camping, hiking, night work, emergency power outage, signaling, ambience lighting, and party decoration.
5. The IPX7 waterproof, making it a good pool light and game partner.
6. Three colors available, white, black, brick red.