December 3, 2023

Ever Item In This Budget $30 Survival Kit!

Ever Item In This Budget $30 Survival Kit!

Check Out THIS Survival Kit On Amazon Here
In this video, we break down all the gear in this $30 Amazon Survival Kit. Use this video to give you ideas of what survival items to include in your own kit. Whether you are building a bug-out bag, a 72-hour kit, or a wilderness survival kit, much of this gear will come in handy.

This kit includes:
✓Survival Know
✓Tactical Pen
✓Paracord Bracelet
✓7-in-1 Multi-Use Spork
✓Ferro Rod
✓Pocket Bellow
✓Fire Tinder
✓Credit Card Multi-Tool
✓Water Bottle Clip
✓Emergency Blanket
✓First Aid Kit
✓Wire Saw

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