December 3, 2023

10 Survival Items Under $20 Actually Worth Buying!

10 Survival Items Under $20 Actually Worth Buying!

Not all survival items need to be expensive. In fact, some of the most impactful gear is often sometimes the cheapest. Here are my top 10 survival gear under $20 each for those of you on a budget.

-Single Wall Water Bottle

Steel Water Bottle
(My Water Bottle) Pathfinder Bottle and Nesting Cup Set
Fish Mouth Spreader/Bottle Hanger

-Morakniv Knife
Mora Companion

-Water Filter
Life Straw
Life Straw Water Bottle

-Emergency Food
S.O.S. Food Rations

-Mylar Blankets
Emergency Zone Mylar Blanket

1,000′ Paracord
Titan Survival Cord

Bushcraft 101
Advanced Bushcraft

-Portable Charger
Power Bank 24000mAh

Lux Pro Headlamp
Budget Headlamp

-Collapsible Water Bottle

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