What I Did To Prep This Week: July 19th – July 25th 2020

Hello Pack, I hope you are all safe, doing well, and busy prepping. Our barnyard of critters have taken to the new goat additions quite wonderfully.

My Bobby surprised me with three new guineas this week. It is hard to tell what 2020 still has in store for us. Odds are, the rioting and pandemic panic being pushed by the media will continue for the next 100 days or so… you know, until after the election.

The prepping our tribe has been focused is the typical garden picking and preserving that is common this time of year – and a lot of pondering.

Any day now I expect our out of control governor to shut the state down, at least to some degree again. I genuinely liked the man when I met him a dozen or so times as he was elected to various offices, and I spoke with him while serving as a newspaper editor.

When fear and emotion are the guiding principles of an elected official, bad things happen. I prefer to use common sense and logica as my compass, and not fall victim to the liberal hysteria we are dealing with due to mask fanatics and just general “sheeple” behavior.

My county once again has no one afflicted by the pandemic – we were the last county in the state to even get a single case. There have tragically been two deaths and a handful, if that, of hospitalizations… Pretty much the same results of any typical flu season.

I am growing even more concerned about having a mail in election, the economy, and the overall government overreach since this all began usurping our rights for generations to come. In my county, maybe one half of one percent of the populace wear masks – yet our case numbers remain at zero or in single digits.

Before our governor eased all of the shutdown restrictions, store workers and employees at public businesses were not mandated to wear masks – but now they are. What kind of sense does that make? None, of course.

A few or so businesses are simply choosing not to comply. Earlier this week many companies decided to mandate masks in their businesses even if they did not live in a county at a supposed high threat level that automatically kicked in such a rule.

I have walked into two such stores without a mask and they were still happy to take my money. The manager at each said they had to post the “masks required” sign or lose their job, but refused to become the mask police.

This Week’s Questions:

  1. Are masks mandated in public where you live and do you comply?
  2. Do you think we will have a presidential election as normal or a mail in ballot that could be far more susceptible to fraud?
  3. How do you grade your governor’s actions during the 2020 pandemic?
  4. What did you do to prep this week?

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