What I Did To Prep This Week: May 31st – June 6th 2020

Hello Pack, I hope you are all doing well. We spent the weekend working on firewood ,and harvesting some standing timber that needed removed to make space for an ongoing project.

I hope everyone has stayed safe during all of this riot insanity. If anyone can figure out how trashing your own town and the businesses that employ people help to put food on their table – please let me know.

How anyone could stand to live in one of these concrete jungles is completely beyond me as well.

I know a few pack members are not rural and like it or deal with it because they cannot move because of medical services, I will keep you all in my prayers – and keep hoping that you will or can move someday soon.

During one of the many news segments about the riots, a protester was shouting about racist “redneck cops.” This angst-filled rant angered me deeply.

City folks in the midst of burning down small businesses owned by local folks that were already struggling over the panic prompted by the pandemic that had them shut down for several months, decided to use derogatory slang that is all too often levied against rural folks, cut through me like a knife.

Our county is easily 97 percent white, yet we do not have police brutality, gangs, racism, murder, looting, or rioting here. We are actually accepting and tolerant of those who may not look, love, or think like us.

Those who claim to be so tolerant on the left are almost always the most intolerant. If such derogatory slang had been used against a particular race, women, homosexuals, transgender, etc. the televison station would have bleeped it out.

But, country folks always seem to be fair game and it is still socially acceptable to make us the butt of jokes.

The firm hand of justice needs to be levied against the Minneapolis police officers who caused the death of George Floyd, without a doubt. But, the same hand of justice also needs to come down hard on all of the rioters who are destroying the property and livelihood where they live and threatening police officers who had absolutely nothing to do with the heinous act that cost a man his life for allegedly passing a $20 bill.

In addition to staying up late to watch the riot insanity unfold on the news, we still managed to get up early and complete a lot of garden and apothecary patch work. I am having the best luck I have ever had with both chamomile and stevia this year – at least so far.

This Week’s Questions

  1. How do you battle bad bug infestations in your garden?
  2. What winter preps do you work on during the summer months?
  3. What do you think of all the rioting across American cities? Why do you think riots do not happen in rural areas and in many “Red” states?
  4. What did you do to prep this week?

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