November 28, 2023

3 DIY FACE MASKS ⎮ No Sewing Required!

3 DIY FACE MASKS ⎮ No Sewing Required!

3 DIY face masks that do not require sewing. These homemade masks are similar to N95 Respirators or surgical masks by protecting your nose & month but do not provide the same filter capabilities. All of these are easy to make in less than a minute and with household items. I go over how to make a T-shirt Face Mask, a Paper Towel Mask, and a Bandana and Rubberband Mask.

1:15 Paper Towel Face Mask
2:21 T-shirt Face Mask
3:21 Bandana Face Mask

DISCLAIMER: I am not a medical professional and nothing in this video is medical advice. Please consult a medical doctor for any medical advice regarding facemask.

Read the CDC’s recommendation for homemade face mask here

Watch my video comparing N95 Respirators to Surgical mask here

Read the cited N95 respirator vs medical mask study here

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