Preparedness Notes for Monday — March 23, 2020

Today is the anniversary of Patrick Henry’s famous Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Death speech. It was delivered to the Second Virginia Revolutionary Convention meeting at St. John’s Church, Richmond, on March 23, 1775.

This is also the birthday of Japanese filmmaker Akira Kurosawa. He directed 30 films. His samurai films (many of them starring Toshiro Mifune) such as Yojimbo, Sanjuro, The Hidden Fortress, Rashomon, The Seven Samurai, Kagemusha, and Ran are considered legendary in the cinema world.

Now that I’m back at the ranch, I have reactivated the ordering system for Elk Creek Company.  Thanks for your patience. You’ll notice a lot of new listings. With the current nationwide rush to buy guns, I’m sure that my small inventory will sell quickly.  I’ve read that there are many planned and a few already implemented state and local sales restrictions because of unconstitutional decrees and “expansions” to COVID-19 lockdowns. (Bellingham, Washington, New Orleans, San Jose, et cetera.) There have also been some foul-ups with completing NICS background checks, and the state of New Jersey intentionally stopped all NICs processing. But thankfully, none of those have any impact on my ability to quickly get pre-1899 guns shipped to most of you reading this. The restrictions don’t apply to pre-1899s–because they are not “firearms”!

Some eastern liberals attempt to explain prepper fiction, in the NPR radio show On The Media: In Prepper Fiction, The Preppers Always Win.  I should mention that in the 9-minute segment they started out with slur that my novel has “…just a touch of The Turner Diaries.” This implied that my novel was racist.  But Patriots–and all of my writings–are distinctly anti-racist. In the segment, they relied heavily on clips from the audio book of my first novel, Patriots.  Somehow, without any explanation, they included a rather bloodthirsty-sounding clip of an audio book from a different author, and a different narrator. I consider that much worse than someone quoting from my writings, out of context.

Today, we return to regular product reviews by our Field Gear Editor, Pat Cascio.

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